Selection type

When a Prefab is locked and child objects are hidden in a scene view, a side effect is that Unity will not allow you to click on them to select the object. This leads to the very undesirable effect of being able to select the Prefab only by clicking on its root object.

To deal with this, BlackBox creates a selection mesh out of all the meshes contained in the Prefab, that is used to select the object on click. The creation of this mesh is done only in the editor, when you open a scene.

Most of the time you can just ignore this setting and leave it on its default value.

If the Prefab has many sub-objects and they are very complex geometry, the mesh generation could be expensive. For this reason, BlackBox offers the ability to choose from various methods of generating it:

  • Use Bounding Boxes (the default): the resulting mesh is a combination of individual Bounding Boxes (see Bounds in Unity's docs). This is less precise, but cheaper. This should be perfect for most Prefabs.

  • Use 3D Meshes: the resulting mesh is a combination of the actual 3D meshes inside the Prefab. This gives you perfect selections, but it can impact the editor performance more. We suggest to enable it only if the meshes have a lot of holes or concave shapes.

  • Use Root Object: no mesh is created, and only the root object will be considered to create a selection. However if there is no MeshFilter on the root object, a 1x1x1 cube mesh is created. This is good for particle systems, helper objects, and other Prefabs that have no 3D meshes.

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