UnityEvents as buttons

While you can reveal UnityEvent type properties just like any other, you can also decide to reveal them as a button, very much like you can do with methods.

However, revealing a UnityEvent as a button allows you to specify one argument for each method invoked, and to invoke multiple methods at once (which is exactly what UnityEvent supports), making it a much more powerful tool.

Revealing a UnityEvent as a button

If a UnityEvent property is revealed, by default it will just show with its regular UI:

To display it as a button, the property needs to be decorated with a [RevealEventAsButton] attribute, like this:

[RevealEventAsAttribute] public UnityEvent _certainConditionEvent;

Once the code compiles, the UnityEvent will now show up as a button:

If the UnityEvent has no callbacks setup, the button will show up as disabled.

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