Revealed properties are like shortcuts that show up in the BlackBox Inspector that link to properties on child objects. Even though it might look like it belongs to the BlackBox component, modifying one of these properties means modifying the original property.

As an example, let's imagine a Prefab that has a MeshRenderer component on one of its children, and we decide to reveal the Materials property of this component. Once we swap Material by dragging/dropping a new one, the familiar override blue line shows that we have created an override on the Materials property.

Opening the Overrides dropdown clearly shows that the override is sitting on the correct object (Barrel_A (1) in the image below), and not on the root (BarrelsStash). This means that if we were to Apply these changes, they would be applied to the correct sub-object.

Revealing properties

There are two ways to reveal a property:

On the BlackBox component

To get started, press the Show available properties and methods button in the BlackBox component:

Under the button, a list of the GameObjects contained in the Prefab will show as toggles. By opening them, you will see the components belonging to those GameObjects. Opening them again displays the properties, which will show a preview but are not directly editable.

Properties are preceded by a small [P] letter, like the Mesh property on the MeshFilter here:

You probably noticed in the screenshot above how – in addition to individual properties - public methods and entire components can also be revealed.

Press the [+] button on each property you want to reveal. The property will be added to a list at the top, and once added, you will be able to provide a name for it. This name will show up instead of the actual property name.

Revealed properties can be removed again by clicking on the [-] button.

Once we inspect the Prefab in the scene, any revealed property will show up in the Inspector of the BlackBox component using the custom name we have specified during their configuration, and will be editable now:

Via the context menu

In addition to the above, there is a quick and handy way to reveal a property. Just navigate to the Component that contains that property, right-click on it, and choose "Reveal on BlackBox":


Not all properties can be revealed this way. If you right-click on one and you don't see the option, you have to reveal it using the method described in the previous section.

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