Entire components

In addition to revealing individual properties, sometimes it's more handy to reveal entire components at once. This can be very useful to speed up the process of adding several properties.

In addition, it can be a way to get the UI of a property that was drawn in a very specific way in the original component it belongs to, where adding the single property wouldn't give the same result.

Revealing entire components

To reveal a component, you can do it in two ways:

On the BlackBox component

This is done exactly as it's done for properties.

You click on the Show available properties and methods button on the BlackBox, and expand the foldouts until you arrive to the component you're interested in.

Components are preceded by a small [C] letter:

Press the [+] button to add the component to the reveal list. The component will be visualised as a collapsed foldout in Prefab Mode, in order not to take too much space:

When seeing the object in the scene though, the component is shown with all its properties, and all the eventual custom property drawers:

When a component is revealed in its entirety, BlackBox hides the property that identifies the script used (the SerializedProperty m_Script), for the sake of brevity.

Via the context menu

Just like for properties, components can also be revealed in context. While you have the right GameObject selected, right-click the component's title bar and choose BlackBox > Reveal entire component, like so:

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