Disable Apply

When revealing properties, you might be opening a new "vulnerability" in the workflow: by default in Unity any property that is overridden can be Applied back to the original asset, potentially creating problems for everyone else using that Prefab.

For this, BlackBox offers the possibility to disable Apply, preventing the Prefab user from Applying overrides to the asset.

Tip: You don't need to lock a Prefab for Disable Apply to work, though often the two workflows go hand in hand.

How to disable Apply

Disabling Apply is simply done by opening a Prefab with the BlackBox script in Prefab Mode, and checking the box Disable Apply:

From now on, once you go back to the scene (and if the Prefab has any revealed property), you will notice that right-clicking on them brings up the dropdown menu as usual, but Apply is not available:

The user can still choose at any time to Revert the property to the original asset's value.

Note that when disabling Apply, the whole Overrides dropdown is also disabled. This is in order to prevent operations like Apply all or Applying entire components. To Revert All, you have to Revert properties one by one, or turn off Disable Apply temporarily, and then turn it back on.

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