• Added icon to the BlackBox component, but it's hidden by default in the scene (can be enabled in the Gizmos panel).

  • New welcome screen, with useful links to documentation, email support, and more.



  • Fixed external component breaking due to a UI rename.

  • Removed custom indent for all properties. Now all Revealed properties use their original indentation.

1.5.0 - Reveal methods and components


  • Added the ability to reveal public methods from components as buttons, alongside Revealed properties.

  • Added the ability to reveal entire components on the BlackBox, using the original component's Inspector.

  • A new mini-label in the Prefab Mode inspector makes it easy to identify what is the component that a certain property or method comes from, just by hovering over it.

  • Added the ability to reveal UnityEvents as buttons, by decorating them with the attribute [RevealEventAsButton].

  • MUCH better error handling. Now the BlackBox will keep working even in case of missing properties and methods. In addition it will display their name before you remove them, so you can reconnect them again.

  • Fixed a ton of inconsistencies in spacing.

1.4.0 - Odin Inspector support


  • Added support for Odin Inspector! If a revealed property has an Odin Inspector attribute, you can ensure it draws correctly inside BlackBox by simply adding a [RevealWithOdin] attribute to it.

  • Better spacing for properties while being revealed (only in Prefab Mode).



  • The header of the BlackBox component now appears as disabled in the scene, to discourage users from disabling or removing the component.

  • Improved handling of Revealed properties that have been renamed or removed on the original component.



  • Fixed selection mesh Gizmo not being drawn after a Prefab is selected for the first time.

  • Added new selection type "Use SkinnedMeshRenderers". Useful for Prefabs representing characters.

1.3.0 - Disable Apply


  • Added the ability to disable Applying overrides! It's a per-Prefab setting, that prevents the user from Applying overrides back to the source asset.

  • Added a Project Setting to control whether newly-created BlackBox Prefabs have Apply disabled by default (this can be changed later, on each individual Prefab).

  • Now it's possible to reveal the Active flag property for child GameObjects.

  • Better styling, better tooltips, improved stability.



  • Fixed BlackBox not hiding upon drag and drop directly into the scene.

  • The component is now stripped from the build even for unlocked BlackBoxes.

  • Fixed issue with Prefab being quickly dragged in and out of the Scene view.

  • Fixed issue with selection mesh, when MeshFilter has null mesh.

1.2.0 - GameObject properties


  • Added support for revealing GameObjects's basic properties (layers, GI flags, name, tag).

  • Added support for revealing properties from child Transform components.

1.1.0 - Original release


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