Creating and editing notes

Creating a new note from Unity

To create a new Note, focus on the spot in the scene where you want to create it, and click the Plus button. The newly created card will be immediately sent to the Codecks server, and you can keep editing its properties in the Inspector.

The new Scene Note will go in the default Deck specified during setup, and will be associated with the scene that is the currently Active scene. You can always change these later.

Editing a note

You can edit the data of a Scene Note by just clicking on its icon, and editing the data in the Inspector.

However, when you are done, you need to press the Save button at the bottom to save the changes on the Codecks server.

Any unsaved change will be lost next time Codecks Scene Notes loads data.

Deleting a note

Like in Codecks, we don’t allow full deletion of a Scene Note. To remove a Note, you can archive it. Just click on the Archive button in the note’s Inspector, and it will immediately be archived on the Codecks website as well (no need to save).

You can bring it back, by unarchiving it on the Codecks site (this requires reloading data in Scene Notes).

Turning an existing card into a Scene Note

To turn an existing card in a Codecks project into a Scene Note, you can click the Copy Metadata button (the one with the curly braces { }) in the overlay. This will copy some text that you can paste at the end of the card’s contents, in Codecks.

You will not see the newly created Note immediately. You need to reload data to see the Scene Note appear in Unity.

Filtering notes by category (deck)

You can hide/show Scene Notes by the deck they are in in Codecks. To do so, Click on the Filter button, and select the categories you want to see and hide.

Showing/hiding categories doesn’t destroy the Notes or reload data, so you can have unsaved data, it will not be lost.

Loading notes for a specific Unity scene

Once a scene is associated with a card, that card will be automatically loaded in Unity when the scene is open. Opening and closing scenes will automatically show/hide Scene Notes.

Loading/unloading scenes doesn’t destroy the Notes or reload data, so you can have unsaved data, it will not be lost.

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