Common problems and their solutions

The console is showing errors about not being able to load Decks, data, …

Please ensure that you are logged in correctly, and that your org’s name is entered as it is in Codecks. You can use the Setup Wizard to login again.

Also make sure that your internet connection is working correctly.

I enabled the tool and I see no errors, but no cards appear in the Scene View

By default, Codecks cards don’t have any data about their position or associated scene. If you haven’t added it, your cards won’t automatically show up in Unity, so it's normal to see no notes the first time you pull data.

Check out the sections on how to create a new Note, or how to turn an existing card into a Note.

I have some other issue I can’t resolve!

You can always get in touch with us via the email We’ll be happy to help you resolve the issue. Or if we can’t solve it, issue a refund.

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