1.4.0 - Filter by project


  • Notes can now display their title in the scene (this can be turned on/off using a setting in Project Settings).

  • It is now possible to specify Codecks projects to filter notes.

  • New, reimagined Wizard window, to setup projects and default deck more easily.

  • Added a welcome window with useful links.



  • Improved legibility for people who use the Light UI for Unity, including new dark icons for the toolbar.



  • Fixed an issue with the Setup Wizard where the window sometimes didn't show the Save button. The window now displays a scrollbar when too small (thanks to user "cjaks" for pointing this out).

  • Renamed package to be io.continis.codecks-scene-notes



  • Added the ability to search a card in Unity starting from its ID in Codecks, by pasting it in the search box in the toolbar.

  • Added support and specific icons for Doc cards and for Snoozed cards.

  • Add a button to scene notes to visualise their corresponding card on the Codecks website.

  • Improved a lot detection of setup errors, and added more descriptive error messages.

  • If a card is being edited, upon quitting the editor you will be asked to confirm. This prevents unwanted loss of data.

1.0.0 - Original release


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