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Codecks Scene Notes is a Unity integration of Codecks, which brings added power to an already cool project management tool.

See what it is about in this quick trailer:


To use Codecks Scene Notes you need to have an existing Codecks account (free tier is fine), and you need a working internet connection. You can create one at codecks.io.


In Codecks, every note, bug, issue, etc. is represented by a card, and cards are grouped into decks. In this tool, once cards make it into Unity we refer to them as Scene Notes.

There is a one to one correspondence: (in Codecks) a Card < > a Scene Note (in Unity)

In essence, to create a Scene Note you take a Codecks card and you assign it a position in space, and a scene that it is associated with.

A Scene Note can't exist without having a Codecks card associated to it.

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